Certificate Course
10th passed. Age 16 Yrs.

U.G. Courses
12th or equivalent; For Television Technology 12th or equivalent with physics/Mathematics is a must.

Professional PG Level Courses
Bachelors Degree in any stream (Candidates appearing for final exam may also apply); For courses in Television Technology, minimum 12th Std. with physics/Mathematics is a must.

Method of Learning

Real world learning and not just bookish knowledge.

DESIFT is a media centre of learning. We impart real world learning and not just bookish knowledge. The curriculum is application based and involves a participatory approach. There is no audience here, everyone is actively participating. The idea is to train you to become a professional at the end of your course so that depending on which programme you choose, you are ready to produce /create TV serials, films and run your own TV channel.

Live Projects

DESIFT offers you a unique opportunity of having over 50 live projects in your professional portfolio during your learning here, a figure no programme other than DESIFT has yet been able to claim. This is proof of the highly practical design of the course you will be taken through at DESIFT. It is also why most of you stand a good chance of being handpicked by the best in the industry for a job immediately after you successfully complete the requirements of the course. The project can be worked on either in English or your mother tongue.


Method of Evaluation

Continuous evaluation pattern DESIFT practices a continuous evaluation pattern. Learning by rote does not find a place in our methodology. Your knowledge and whether you can put it to use on real world projects will be tested here. Every quarter will end with term-end exams. The course design is predominantly based on practicals. The assessment will be conducted on a regular basis giving due weightage to participation in class discussion, written reports, assignments, projects and term-end examinations after every quarter. There will be a viva at the end of each module for all courses. Surprise tests may also be conducted in class. Most of these will be open book tests that will test your understanding of the subject. This way we ensure that you are truly fit to enter the media world and start delivering on day one to the organization you join.